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Javascript and CSS examples
Sometimes you just gotta solve a problem.

For anyone who likes to code, it's challenging and fun. So, for the challenge and for the fun, I have developed two web applications.

The first is a web based Perpetual Calendar. I'm not the first to do it. There are a number of perpetual calendars out on the web. If you find this useful, feel free to copy the page (javascript and css are embedded).

Here's a newer version of the Perpetual Calendar. This one lets you go forward or back by one month, three months (one quarter) or one year. When displaying multiple years, you can reset the calendar to January 1 of either the earlier year or the later year by clicking the year in the header.

The second is an example of how to create CSS based Dropdown Menus for a web page. I've tried to make this as simple as possible. The JavaScript is limited to two simple statements embeded in the top level list <LI> elements. All the rest is pure CSS. This example is only a single level dropdown. I've been able to create a multi-level dropdown menu using CSS, but it only works in IE. It fails in Mozilla based browsers. To tell the truth, Mozilla interprets the CSS correctly.

There are no restrictions on the use or distribution of the code.

Perpetual Calendar Dropdown Menu Javascript CSS Free Open Source