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why are we here?
at one extreme is the belief that we're here to serve a higher power. the nature of that service is dependent upon the higher power in which the belief is rooted. at the other extreme is existentialism; the belief that we are here, but that there is no greater purpose for our existence. the universe is just a cold, unfeeling place and we are a product of its ongoing evolution. personally, i have chosen to answer the question in a way that includes both these beliefs, but is totally outside them. so, why are we here?
it's a mistake!

why are you here?
well, you probably clicked on a link to this site or typed the address directly into your browser's address box. maybe it was on purpose or maybe it was on accident (a mistake). either way:

welcome to aktagamat!
at this time, aktagamat is simply a forum for me to babble about my understanding (or lack thereof) of our existence. aktagamat is not about answers. it's about questions. it's about belief and disbelief. it's about the limitations of our knowledge and the extent of our ignorance. feel free to browse around.

amazon sellers who have 5 star reviews but not of the product shown

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